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Growing a Prairie at ECO


Something is happening on the sloping areas on the eastern and western edges of the property. With the help of native plant expert Joe Woolbright of Ozark Ecological Restorations, we are working to establish native prairie plants in these areas.  This process takes several years, but will result in a beautiful tapestry of color and texture, similar to Baker Prairie near Harrison, pictured above (photo by Bill Holiman).
Joe was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about native prairie plants.

LED Lighting is a Green Technology Demonstration Area


Next Gen Illumination, a Fayetteville company, installed outdoor LED lighting at ECO.  Not only do the lights save energy but they also serve a wider purpose of showing the broad adaptability of LED technology.

ECO Modern Flats Wins Statewide Green Building Award


ECO Modern Flats raised the bar for what people expect of a multifamily development in Northwest Arkansas…

ECO Minute: Solar Hot Water

That Arkansas sun puts out lots of energy, and we’re taking advantage of it with a solar hot water system that will supply around 75% of the demand.  Bill Ball of Stellar Sun is a veteran of the solar industry.  Here, he talks about how ECO is using the sun’s heat to keep ECO inhabitants comfortable while preserving resources. 

ECO Minute: Water-wise Plumbing

Joe Reed of Ready Rooter Plumbing explains the water-wise plumbing innovations at ECO, including retrofit dual-flush toilets, solar-heated hot water, and low-flow fixtures.

ECO Minute: Healthy by Design

Heidi Tankersley of A Splash of Green describes healthy living at ECO.  From the choice of paints and finishes and air filtration systems to the proximity to Fayetteville’s multipurpose trail system, ECO provides a setting that encourages wellness.