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Growing a Prairie at ECO


Something is happening on the sloping areas on the eastern and western edges of the property. With the help of native plant expert Joe Woolbright of Ozark Ecological Restorations, we are working to establish native prairie plants in these areas.  This process takes several years, but will result in a beautiful tapestry of color and texture, similar to Baker Prairie near Harrison, pictured above (photo by Bill Holiman).
Joe was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about native prairie plants.

ECO Welcomes Blue Pathways Workshop


Last month, ECO Modern Flats hosted 41 green industry professionals as part of the Blue Pathways workshop on Low Impact Design (LID) installation and maintenance.  Tim Copeland, the groundskeeper at ECO, provided a tour and discussed best practices in stormwater management in use on site, including stormwater cisterns and a rain garden. The Blue Pathways program provides training to landscape architects, engineers, project managers, park planners, trail coordinators, irrigation specialists and contractors in Northwest Arkansas.

From a Big Gulp to a Lil’ Sipper: Our First Water Savings Report


With all the water and energy-saving upgrades, we knew that we would be saving natural resources, but we could only estimate the savings. Now that ECO has been up and running for over a year, we are able to crunch some numbers.  One of the simplest comparisons is water use, and we’re thrilled with the results.

ECO Minute: Low-Tech, Modern Sustainable Design Solutions

Architect Chris Baribeau introduces two low-tech sustainable solutions in use at ECO: the steel cable trellis system and rainwater cisterns.

ECO Minute: Beautiful, Tough Landscape Plants

Now that the transformation of ECO has been completed and ECO inhabitants have lived here for a full year, we have a few more ECO minutes to share.  Here, landscape designer Stuart Fulbright shares some of his favorite native prairie grasses and other plants featured at ECO.

ECO Modern Flats Wins Statewide Green Building Award


ECO Modern Flats raised the bar for what people expect of a multifamily development in Northwest Arkansas…